What you should know about the Mahindra NuvoSport

Mahindra NuvoSport Vs Mahindra QuantoMahindra NuvoSport is ready to make its global premiere on April 4 in India. This is the successor of the Quanto and rival to the likes of Ford EcoSport and Vitara Brezza. And hence, we’ve shortlisted a few points that you should know about the Mahindra NuvoSport.

Mahindra NuvoSport VS Mahindra Quanto

Is it a proper Mahindra?

Yes, the NuvoSport is identical to what Mahindra is known for. The first and foremost thing that makes it different from the aforementioned models is its construction. While the rivals are built upon a monocoque platform this one stands up on ladder-on-frame chassis. This is the same platform that underpins the Scorpio which Mahindra claims to have better dynamics while being lighter at the same time than the previous generation module. Yes, this may result distinctive body roll but at the same time it’s robust and more suitable if most of the time you negotiate with unadoptable roads.

Seating capacity of Mahindra NuvoSport?

NuvoSport seating capacity
Image of Quanto

Like the Quanto and TUV300, the Mahindra NuvoSport is a 7-seater vehicle. The layout is 5+2 with the first and second rows being front facing and 3rd row seats placed longitudinally. How comfortable or safe we’ll feel in third row is yet to be seen. Though, we don’t have high hopes.

What exclusive does it have to offer?

So far, not much is known about the NuvoSport but going by the spy shots leaked online, the NuvoSport is coming with automated manual transmission. This is the second Mahindra and second model to offer the AMT transmission in the compact SUVs segment. Interestingly, the first one already benefits the option of AMT is TUV300. This will be a 5-speed unit, similar to the one being featured on its elder sibling.

Does NuvoSport perform better than the Quanto, has better NVH levels?

The NuvoSport is highly likely to get powered by mHawk 80 diesel engine that serves duty under the hood of the TUV300. It’s a 3-cylinder turbocharger unit that produces 84 bhp and 230 Nm of torque when mated to a manual transmission and 81 bhp in case of AMT. It’s fundamentally a revised version of the CR100 1.5-liter twin-stage turbocharged motor that powers the present Quanto and is significantly smoother. Although, power output is lower than the CR100 unit, which produces 100 bhp, but given that the NuvoSport will weigh significantly less than the Quanto, overall performance should be improved. We’ll share more on that after having hands-on experience on the product.NuvoSport VS Quanto

What are the competitors of the NuvoSport?

Answering this question is not easy. Since Mahindra already have a sub-4 meter compact SUV in its arsenal that zeroes in on the likes of Ford EcoSport and Maruti Vitara Brezza, why an other model with almost same fundamentals then? But what we understand is the NuvoSport will bridge the gap between the KUV100 and TUV300. To our understanding, Mahindra will pitch the model to the audience who’s graduating from a compact hatchback and looking for more practicality and at the same time are not willing to go with a proper SUV.

What will be price range of the NuvoSport?

The Quanto is being sold at an starting price tag of Rs 6.91 lakh (ex-showroom, Mumbai), with the top-end variant costs about 8.5 lakh. But considering the Vitara Brezza, which no doubt is better in every aspect, is available at Rs 6.99 lakh only we hope Mahindra will undercut the Quanto by a notable margin. A Rs 6.5 lakh tag is what we expect on the base variant of the NuvoSport.

We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below if your queries are unanswered yet. The new car is launching on April 4.

Key features of the Mahindra NuvoSport:

  1. Redesigned front-end
  2. Integrated air scoop in the bonnet
  3. Daytime running LEDs
  4. Thick lower body cladding
  5. Foot-board
  6. 5-spoke alloy wheels
  7. Tailgate-mounted spare wheel
  8. 5+2 seating arrangement
  9. Automated Manual Transmission
  10. mHawk80 turbocharged engine*