Bajaj Pulsar CS400 – All you want to know!

Pulsar CS400 Top SpeedBajaj Auto has finally begun testing its next big bike on Indian roads. We are talking about the Pulsar CS400 that was unveiled at Auto Expo 2014 and has been in discussions among motorcycle enthusiasts since then. Bajaj refused to make anything public related to its launch but now these test mules suggest that the model is quite close to see the light of day inside showrooms. The Bajaj Pulsar CS400 will be first-of-its-type bike in the sub-500 cc motorcycles space that will target audience looking for an alternate between a hardcore naked motorcycle and a tourer. CS stands for Cruiser Sports and hence the model will offer a performance setup with the utility to be used as a long-ride companion also. Something a little beyond the concept of streetfighters. It can also be called an elder sibling of the NS200 but, mind our words, more than almost a dozen differences will be there, apart from the powerplant.

Engine, Transmission & Mileage –
Pulsar CS400 Engine Specifications

Powering the Pulsar CS400 will be a revised version of the 373 cc single-pot mill that propels the RC400 and Duke 390. It’s a high-power liquid-cooled motor that churns out 43.5 bhp and 35 Nm of torque on Austrian monsters and even make inline-2 Japanese rivals break the sweat. Bajaj will extensively revised the unit for its self-purpose anyway. An entirely new head will be bolted up that will feature three spark plugs like the one on NS200. Nonetheless, Bajaj Pulsar CS400 specifications like power and torque output will remain more or less same, hopefully above 40 bhp and 32 Nm of torque, while delivering slightly more mileage than the Duke 390. Pulsar CS400 mileage should be rated near 30 kmpl.

A 6-speed gearbox will channel the drive to rear wheel. Considering the cruiser character of the CS400, it may have long ratios. Top speed of the Pulsar CS400 should be north of 170 kmph.

Chassis, Suspension and Brakes –Pulsar CS400 Chassis, Frame and Suspension

Fork geometry of Bajaj Pulsar CS400 will be distinctive to that of the NS or RS 200. It will have bigger trail and rake angles, and hopefully a new swing arm also which subsequently aid it to convey a different riding character altogether. Underpinning the bike would however be the same setup of perimeter frame, telescopic shocks at front and mono-shock absorber at the rear.Bajaj Pulsar CS400 brakes

Disc brake at both ends will not let it run amok. We are sure that the CS400 will be the first Bajaj to feature dual-channel anti-lock braking system. Toothed-ABS ring is already present on this test mule.

Design & Features –Bajaj Pulsar CS400 Launch date India

Although, these CS400 spyshots are quite hazy but whatever is visible suggest the concept is not undergoing a major transformation to become a production-ready model. That’s something we really like about Bajaj. Same was the case with the RS200, which was similar to its concept from toe to head.

In terms of design, the Pulsar CS400 is smoother, premium and metamorphosed version of the NS. Soft body sculpture with fashionable elements will help it to grab eyeballs on road. While the NS200 appears aggressive, this one would appear joyful and sedate. High-set fuel tank and minimal body panels will be highlight of the CS400 too but single-piece saddle and handlebar will make the rider experience gentle.Bajaj Pulsar CS400 meter Other styling elements include an all-digital instrument console, a tank mounted white-backlit display for speedometer, side-mounted exhaust, LED elements in headlamp, twin-tower LED tail lamps, a long extended single-piece rear mudflap integrated in tail, new pattern of alloy wheels and illuminated switches.

Body Colors –

Initially, the Bajaj Pulsar CS400 is likely to offer choice of 2 body colors – Red and Black. Pearl white shade is also likely to be on the list.

Bajaj Pulsar CS400 Price –

Bajaj CS400 will undercut the Duke 390 by a significant margin that is priced at Rs 1.95 lakh. We are not expecting it to have a price tag of more than Rs 1.60 lakh. Bajaj Pulsar CS400 price will be crucial as in the same price band many other full-faired bikes are also available in the Indian two-wheeler market.

Bajaj Pulsar CS400 Launch Date –

Expecting it inside showrooms by the end of August sounds pretty sensible to us.

Rivals –

In terms of character, Mahindra Mojo seems quite close to the CS400. Also, TVS is reportedly developing a 310 cc naked bike. That should also fall in the same sphere.

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Pulsar CS400 Images –

Word on the street is Bajaj simultaneously working up on the full-faired Pulsar RS400 that will reach showrooms soon after the CS400. Given the NS200 has been discontinued in India, Bajaj is likely to introduce a lower capacity version of the CS400 – Pulsar CS200.

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